This is the most important part of ones fitness journey. the infamous "why?" that x-factor, the thing that keeps you moving. That's our aim here at Next Level Fitness and Apparel, to get you there and keep you there!

When it comes to fitness your why has to be bigger than that Miami trip that you're planning, bigger than that dress that you're just dying to fit into, even bigger than that wedding that you've been so kindly invited. Fitness is a lifestyle, a commitment, a way of living and the aim is always to live a much healthier, fuller life, everything else is just a buy product of making a series of wise decisions. Your body is the only place in this world that you truly have to live and it would server you well to take care of it. the department of health and human services recommends atleast a minimum of 150 minutes moderate intensity exercise per week.

The benefits of such regular exercise are immense, as exercise is known to increase the body's production of serotonin which aids in depression, along with stimulating the production of endorphins the body uses to help elevate ones mood. Besides weight loss, regular exercise also helps combat chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. Exercise is also known to aid with brain function and memory, keeping you fully alert, full of energy, and full of life say "bye bye" coffee lol. Now if that's not enough to get you moving than you my friend aught to stop right now and subscribe to one of our programs and let us help you get


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