Unspoken gym law

1) Wipe down the equipment

Everyone sweats, but not everyone wipes their sweat off their machines when they’re done using them. If this is you, start bringing a towel to the gym.

2) Step back from the rack

If you can kick your leg and hit the dumbbell rack, you’re way too close. Other gym-goers don’t want to squeeze by you just to get their workout in.

3) Keeping your advice to yourself

You may want to share everything you’ve learned about weightlifting from FitnessAI and your own experiences with other gym-goers, but they may not want to hear it. Chatting with friends about working out is the perfect time to give advice, but walking up to a stranger at the gym definitely isn’t.

4) Staying off the machines during breaks

Waiting a few moments for someone to finish up their set on a machine or a bench isn’t too big of a deal. But, waiting for someone to finish their text could feel like a lifetime. Make sure to leave equipment open when you’re taking a break.


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