Stress Eating ?

Stress eating - For many people, food is a go-to way to de-stress, whether they notice it or not. Nighttime is often a time when minds race and stress levels rise. So if you notice that you’re eating when you’re not hungry at night, try to de-stress another way and see if that helps. Go on a quick run, meditate, or make a to-do list for the next day.

Lack of healthy food - If you eat unhealthy food for dinner, your blood pressure can spike, and then drop, later on, causing you to be hungry later on. Try and include some fruits and vegetables in your diet later in the day to stabilize your blood pressure and avoid that late-night hunger.

Staying up too late - If you eat dinner regularly but still always manage to get hungry at 1 AM, it may just be because you’re still awake at 1 AM! While many of us have difficult schedules, getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle and a successful fitness plan.

Not enough food - If you’re skipping important meals during normal meal hours, you’re bound to get hungry eventually! Even if you are trying to lose weight, eating a healthy amount of food is crucial.

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