I can't workout without music I don’t know about you

1) Get in the zone

Personalizing your own playlist with music you know will help you get in the zone and stay there. Even if you’re tired or sore, the right playlist can get anyone in the mood to get moving and stay focused.

2) Distraction

There are definitely bad kinds of distractions at the gym. Other people you know, the temptation of checking your phone, and thoughts of things you have to get done right after your workout. But music is the kind of distraction that will help you shift your focus to your form and workout goals, and ignore soreness, pain, and distracting thoughts.

3) Makes you work harder

You’ll work out twice as hard when listening to your favorite songs that get you going. When it feels like your going on your hundredth rep of the same thing, spice things up with music that will make working out exciting again!

4) No one will bother you

Wearing headphones is like a universal stop sign. If someone is coming to the gym to chit chat, they likely won’t approach someone wearing headphones. If you want to get interrupted at the gym less frequently, just pop in some music.

5) Make working out enjoyable

If you’re going to commit to coming to the gym often, make it an enjoyable experience! You’re already personalizing your workouts, why not personalize your soundtrack and have some fun.

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