I Bench press more than you

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Here are the basic steps to a bench press.

1.Lie on your back on the bench.

2.Grab the bar and hold it straight above you with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

3. Lower the bar towards your body slowly, while you inhale.

4. Raise the bar away from your body slowly while you exhale.

To keep proper form and get the best results, keep your shoulder blades squeezed together, arch your back by raising your chest slightly, and plant your feet firmly into the floor. Keep your shins perpendicular to the floor by making sure your ankles are right under your knees. Your knuckles should be facing the ceiling and your thumbs should be wrapped around the bar in the opposite direction as your other fingers. Make sure you’re keeping your glutes tight and on the bench to avoid a lower back injury. Make sure you have correct form before you begin lowering the bar. This will help you avoid injury and make the most out of every movement. Keep your muscles tight and your motions slow and controlled to make the most out of every rep. If you’re bench pressing heavy weights, you may want to invest in wrist wraps to keep your wrists straight and supported. #nlfa365 #Gainz

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