Deadlift 101

Here are the basic steps to a deadlift.

Begin with placing the middle of your feet under the bar.Use an overhand grip to grab the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart.Squat down until the bar touches your shins.Straighten out your back and raise your chest to prepareLift your body to a standing position and hold for a moment.Lower the bar back to the floor back to your original position and restart after a moment.

Make sure to avoid rounding your back during a deadlift. In order to lift more weight and avoid an injury keep it straight and neutral the entire way.

Keeping your entire body tense and strong is essential for doing productive deadlift reps. The heavier weight you lift, the more essential it is to steer clear of keeping your body loose or relaxed.

Keep your whole foot pressed into the ground the entire time, including your toes.

The better your form, the more weight you will be able to lift, and therefore the more muscle you will be able to gain. Lift hard and with intent, but keep still keep your movements controlled. So, make sure to remind yourself of these tips as you work on your deadlift, and look in the mirror to double check yourself.

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